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Important information Covid-19

In order to prevent further spread of the coronavirus and continue are care for children who need it, we have taken several measures. Please read below some of the adjustments. In case of questions, please do not hesitate to call us on our telephone number 036-7630030 or (preferably) mail your question to  

Changed entrance
De Kinderkliniek remains open, but the revolving door at the entrance of De Kinderkliniek on the ground floor will be closed. Patients are allowed to enter with 1 parent/ guardian. With this we want to separate patients with and without respiratory complaints or fever. Patients with respiratory complaints or fever will use the lift and the other patients will take the stairs. This is clearly indicated with a sign with 3 different routes.

Adjustment of logistics and approach

Sick children who need necessary outpatient care (pediatrics) can still come to De Kinderkliniek. However, please phone first to confer with our assistants (036-7630030). In consultation with the pediatrician, it is determined whether you can come directly to De Kinderkliniek for a face-to-face consult or whether we can help you further by phone.

A lot of appointments and all new referrals are initially converted to telephone appointments. The practitioner then determines during the telephone contact whether a physical appointment is necessary in De Kinderkliniek.

All parents with children with appointments that have already been made and which take place between now and April 29 will receive a text message about the appointment 24 hours before the planned appointment. In it we state whether it will be a telephone appointment or a physical appointment.

De psychologists from DeKinderGGZ are not present in De Kinderkliniek. They will provide support as much as possible via video calling and telephone contact.

Other Care

All appointments with the dentist, speech therapy, ENT, optometrist, occupational therapy, physio therapy, Cesar remedial therapy and podiatry do not take place in De Kinderkliniek. You will hear from the practitioner where and when the appointment will take place.

Haven't received a message yet?

If you have not yet received a message, but if your appointment is only scheduled in 2 or 3 days, please wait patiently. You will receive a message no later than 24 hours in advance.

Extra measures regarding visits

Note: if you come to De Kinderkliniek there are several extra measures regarding the coronavirus. We do this to prevent our employees from getting ill and to keep healthcare safe.

  • When visiting come with maximum of 1 parent/guardian
  • If there are any of the following characteristics in a child or caregiver(s): fever,cough/tightness/sore throat/ sniffling/ cold, always contact us first: tel 036-7630030

We run several extra cleaning rounds every day and have taken various other internal measures. We would like to continue to show our hospitality but will of course not shake hands. We wear mouth masks and protecting clothes.

We kindly want to inform you about the webpage of Pharos, where information about COVID-19 had been made available for the illiterate and speakers of foreign languages.

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Om jullie goed op de hoogte te houden hebben wij één centrale pagina over de maatregelen omtrent het coronavirus in DeKinderkliniek op onze website gezet.

To keep you well informed, please find here a central page about the measures regarding the coronavirus in DeKinderkliniek in English.